We manufacture all types of cosmetics and toiletries.
We have the capa-c Bility to meet all of our customer's requirements, from small batch to large Volume production, based on our integrated system of manufacturing, Packaging and quality control.

  lotion, Milk, Pack, Cleansing(Cream, Foam, Oil, Gel), Essence,Massage cream, Gel, Hand cream, Lip Care,
Whitening (Cream, Lotion, Essence), Sun-block Products, Stable Hydroquinone Products, Oil control Products,
Anti-Acne, mask, scrub, peel-off mask, Sheet Mask.

  Shampoo, Rinse, Conditioner, Hair Tonic, Hair Liquid, Hair Coloring, Hair Styling, Hair Moisture Mist Aerosol(Non-Gus type)

  Liquid Foundation(Skin care type), 2-way Foundation, Powderly Foundation, Loosent Powder,
Eye-shadow, Cheek color, Lipstick, Concealer etc...

  Sliming(cream, Gel), baby Products, Bath Products, Body Soap, and trial sample/each above Products.