Cosmetic products are extremely sensitive to changes of the times.
New products are born one after another and appear on the market every year.
Our research staff catch trends early and develop products that meet the needs of the age.
Creative planning and development that make most of the tenderness and beauty of nature

Product plan and development by utilizing natural materials
We have focused attention on superior ingredients of natural materials including loofahs, cucumbers and various kinds of herbs since our founding and have worked on the development of natural cosmetic and skin care products from our early days.
More than 800 types of cosmetic products have been planned and developed up to today, responding to the needs of our customers. Our natural cosmetic products that are kind to the skin especially enjoy a high reputation from many customers and in the market.

Research and development capability that turns your requests into a reality
We develop products following your requests, using various marketing data, long experience and accumulated know-how.
Our R&D staff study cosmetic products you have in mind from all angles including target consumers, feel, color, fragrance and form.
You can have meetings with our staff as many times as you want.
We make prototypes and improve them repeatedly until you are satisfied with the quality, ensuring that your requests are reflected in the product faithfully.