Please let us know images of cosmetic products you want to create.
Please provide us with information including your target consumers, sales method, the amount of products to be sold and types of products you want to produce (skin lotions, foundations, etc.).
Discussions about qualities including texture, color and feel are made at this stage.
You can bring cosmetic products that have similar images and other things for reference.
  We propose a product plan after studying your requests from all angles by using our know-how accumulated over many years and marketing data.
  We finalize the product plan and conduct research and development based on your requests made in the meeting.

  We ask you to evaluate whether finished prototypes suit your images.

  We make prototypes and improve them repeatedly until you are satisfied with the quality, ensuring that your requests are reflected in the product faithfully. Aging tests including a stability test of the bulk are conducted during this stage.

  After the formulation is finalized, compatibility with containers is tested and packages and containers are determined.
We also provide you with a formal quotation after specifications (the process from filling to delivery) are decided.
If you accept the quotation, a formal agreement will be concluded.

  We make required applications for manufacturing cosmetics and various notifications.

  Products are delivered to you about three weeks after we receive your purchase order forms and all containers and materials.
(The period can be shortened depending on the case.)

  The products are manufactured in our factory according to the specifications.

  We ask you to check the bulk manufactured in our factory (advanced samples) by actually holding it in your hand.

  After obtaining your approval (following the determination that the bulk meets the criteria), filling, finishing and inspection are conducted under our strict quality control system.

  We make sure that the products are shipped and delivered to you by the promised delivery date.

EEEThese are the steps your participation is needed.