What is your minimum order quantity in small lot production?
 We basically accept orders for 1,000 or more pieces. However, we will do our best to meet your request.
 Please consult us first.

 How long does it take before delivery?
 About three weeks after we receive your purchase order form and all materials.
 The lead time can be shortened upon your request.

 Is the cost of producing prototypes charged?
 The prototypes are offered free of charge.

 How many days does it take before prototypes are finished?
 It varies depending on the products. However, please expect that it will take about one week.

 Would it be possible to bring in packages and containers of cosmetic products?
 We are basically asking customers to supply us with all materials.
 We can introduce manufacturers of materials including containers to you as needed.

 Would it be possible to bring in raw materials?
 We will check if the raw materials can be used for cosmetic products first.

 I do not have enough knowledge about cosmetics. Can I place an order?
 We will pursue a plan, discussing with you.
 Please do not hesitate to consult us.

 We are a company based outside Japan. Can we place an order?
 We have a factory in Thailand, in addition to the one in Japan and can respond to your requests at a reasonable cost.